• + Courtyard Sports House

    LOCAL: Winterthur, Switzerland
    The proposal presented aims at integrating into the pre-existing mill production factory a new volumetry, in such a way that it permits meeting the new programmatic needs – a sports centre.In presence of the vast programme and its consequent large scaled area, the idea of introducing a yard comes forth. This element of the composition allows the access of light to more spaces, organising them more clearly at the same time. The yard is in a higher level them the outside area. The usage of this space created by the different volumes that is surrounded, introduces a different space quality to that area that can be felt by the users of the yard and of the building.
    The programme is then divided into three parts. The pit, pre-existing vertical element, stands out from the volumes for horizontal sports, at East the badminton hall, and at South the skater hall and indoor climbing).